Boyne Resorts

Sugarloaf joins the Boyne Resorts family. 


2020 Roadmap Announced

Ten years ago, we unveiled the Sugarloaf 2020 Road Map. Not a plan, per se, but a vision of where we wanted to take Sugarloaf over the next ten years. A road map to guide us in our development decisions. Ten years later, much of that vision has been realized and we're ready to take the next step towards the future of Sugarloaf.

Brackett Basin Opened

The first step towards Burnt Mountain expansion was realized with the opening of Brackett Basin. Hundreds of acres of steep, snow-packed glades marked the beginning of Sugarloaf's legendary sidecountry terrain. 


Skyline Quad Installed

The state-of-the-art Skyline Quad was installed, giving skiers and riders fast, more reliable access to some of Sugarloaf's best terrain. 

Brackett Basin Phase II

Phase II of Brackett Basin introduced skiers and riders to even more of the Eastern Territory. Acreage increased significantly, and we were one step closer to accessing the summit of Burnt Mountain. 


Sugarloaf Golf Club Upgrades

The Sugarloaf Golf Course installed a new irrigation system, allowing for a more efficient use of resources and greatly improved turf health.

Snowmaking Upgrades

We doubled down on snowmaking production and efficiency with the addition of 300 Low-E HKD Snowguns.

45 North

45 North opened at the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel, introducing seasonally inspired chef-driven cuisine to the village. 


Burnt Mountain Summit Opened

The Burnt Mountain Summit opened, marking the eastern-most expansion of the resort boundary. Accessible only by hiking or skinning, it introduced a whole new way to earn your turns. With the peak we'd all been dreaming of finally within reach, one of the most exciting parts of the Sugarloaf 2020 plan was realized. 

Hotel Upgrades

Hiking to the summit of Burnt Mountain meant Sugarloafers deserved next-level aprés relaxation. The addition of a 30-person hot tub and other upgrades to the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel changed the village landscape and improved the off-mountain experience for hotel guests.

More Snow Making

Snow making upgrades continued with the installation of 150 more Low-E HKD Snowguns.


New King Pine Lift Terminal

A new Doppelmayr TRISTAR terminal was installed on the King Pine lift, improving safety and reliability. 

Lift System Upgrades

With an eye toward safety improvements, better reliability, and increasing ease of access to all areas of the mountain, Sugarloaf overhauled many of the safety and electrical systems in lifts across the resort. 


Alfond Competition Center

In partnership with Carrabassett Valley Academy, the Sugarloaf Ski Club, and the generous support of the Bill and Joan Alfond Foundation, the Alfond Competition Center cemented Sugarloaf's status as the East's premier ski racing development center. In addition to hosting teams across the nation, the new space provides conference and wedding guests another on-mountain option for events. 


Burnt Mountain Cat Skiing

The first true cat skiing operation in New England gave Sugarloafers access to untouched glades and opened up even more sidecountry acreage. The custom passenger snowcats bring guests 1.5 miles up into the Eastern Territory and accesses terrain that can't be reached by chairlift. 


Boyne Resorts Purchases Sugarloaf

Though Boyne had been managing resort operations since 2007, the company purchased Sugarloaf as part of a six-resort acquisition, making Boyne the third largest mountain resort company in North America and setting the stage for new investments and improvements in the ensuing decade.


All New Widowmaker

An après favorite, the Widowmaker was completely revamped over the summer of 2019. Our live music lineup meant we needed a bigger, better stage, and relocating the bar improved efficiency and made it faster than ever to grab one of 20 Maine-brewed beers on tap. The loft was transformed, including the addition of a rooftop deck looking out over the Beach with one of the best mountain views in the area. 

First Steps

Past Future

Summer 2020

West Mountain Expansion

The first steps of West Mountain Phase I began in the summer of 2020. Work will continue on site designs and permitting, and initial phases of tree cutting and trail construction are next on the list. 

RFID Gates

Innovative dual frequency radio frequency identification (RFID) gates were installed at several lifts. This new technology streamlined the customer experience by providing direct-to-lift ticketing options and reducing or eliminating time spent at the ticket window.


West Mountain Expansion

The completion of project designs, contracting, and permitting set the stage for construction to being on this massive, 450 acre development. 

Snowmaking System Overhaul Phase 1

A comprehensive 10-phase project to overhaul Sugarloaf's snowmaking system will begin with upgrades to pumps, electrical systems, and snowmaking pipes, as well as new booster pumps that will improve our ability to make snow at higher elevations. New high-efficiency snowguns will be added to our fleet along with new snowmaking infrastructure for newly developed West Mountain terrain. 

  • Construction of a new booster pump house on West Mountain that expands the number of snowguns that can operate simultaneously from roughly 130 to 230 
  • Addition of more than 100 new high-efficiency HKD snow guns 

Herbert Hotel Purchase

Purchase of historic Kingfield hotel property to provide additional housing opportunities for seasonal staff members 

New Competition T-Bar

In partnership with Carrabassett Valley Academy, a new t-bar will be installed for winter 22/23 on Competition Hill to create a better race training experience and alleviate traffic on Sugarloaf’s primary lifts.  

Upcoming Projects

Past Future


West Mountain Expansion

  • Logging to clear new alpine trails and lift line
  • Road and infrastructure construction
  • Installation of new Bucksaw Express quad 
  • Phase 1 of snowmaking installation
  • Phase 1 of single-family lot sales 

Downhill Mountain Bike Park

First phase of construction of a new downhill, lift serviced mountain bike park in the Whiffletree area 

Children's Center

The next generation of Sugarloafers is here, and we're working to make their experience the best it can be. We'll expand and improve the Children's Center, with a focus on learning, fun, and Sugarloaf spirit. 

Double Runner Replacement and Upgrade

A centrally located lift, Double Runner will be replaced and upgraded with a modern, high capacity chairlift. 

Late Stage


2025 & Beyond

SuperQuad Lift Replacement & Upgrade

The SuperQuad is Sugarloaf’s busiest lift, and runs at capacity on most weekend days. We will work to replace and upgrade the SuperQuad to a higher-capacity lift.  

Timberline Replacement & Upgrade

As our signature summit-access lift, Timberline is a crucial piece of the on-mountain experience. We will work to replace and upgrade Timberline to provide faster and more reliable access to Sugarloaf’s summit. 

Summit Building Transformation

The summit building is one of Sugarloaf's most visible features, and transforming the building in a way that will provide a unique, year-round summit experience will be a priority in the next decade. 

Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel Spa

 A full-service spa will be added to the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel, offering massage treatments and an array of holistic aesthetic services. As summer wedding business continues to grow, amenities like this will make the entire area an even more coveted destination.

Hotel and Village Expansion

As we map out the future of Sugarloaf, the Village and Hotel will be considered for a number of upgrades and possible expansion. 

Snowmaking at the Outdoor Center

Working in partnership with the Town of Carrabassett Valley, we will install a snowmaking system at the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center to create a world-class Nordic racing facility.

9-Hole Short Course

In partnership with the Town of Carrabassett Valley, we will look to construct a 9-hole Short Course at the Sugarloaf Golf Club.